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Papa & Joshua's Joint Birthday Celebration!

Once upon a time on a Sunday morning.....(22nd February 2009)

Kong Kong, help me down from the sofa please. I've to get prepared

Gotta go mandi and change. Today is a big day. It's Papa and my Birthday celebration. Many people are coming.

Let me arrange the chairs

Check the floor. Is it clean enough. Later paiseh if people come and the floor is dirty

Mah Mah woke up early and is busy preparing food.

I wonder whether the food is enough or not....

Red eggs, Mah Mah prepared. And Kong Kong's special rojak.

Nasi Kunyit and Kari Kai...hopefully the guests wont lausai coz it's prepared by Mamarazzi

Eh...Guests finally arrived...hmm...but where is the Lenglui Roe?

I spotted pretty Jie Jie Desiree.

Uiks!? who is this sexy lady? Oh ...she was the Sexytary to Roger Ho ah..But who is Roger Ho?

Auntie Florence, thank goodness you came or else this joint birthday celebration would not be as memorable. Thank you very much for agreeing to be the Camera Lady.

Yee Yee came too but why never bring Jie Jie Yen?

Waaaa...Aunty Liew looks so happy today. Even Kor Kor How Siang also puzzled.

My first time meeting Uncle Michael and Aunty Li Ming. The Kor Kor and Jie jie very guai. Hmm..where is the youngest Jie Jie? Missing in Action? Camera shy kot?

Why everyone is not eating? The food not nice ah?


Waaaa...I am feed by a KING. No joke! This is Uncle King. Thank you, Uncle.

Does Mamarazzi and Yee Yee have the same face? Hmm..the Nasi Kunyit enough or not ah?

Papa and Joshua's cake. Thank you very much Aunty Siew.

Melted a bit coz the house too warm but it's still nice.

*Kru..kru..kru* My tum tum grumbling liao..when can eat the cake ah?

Getting ready to blow out the candle

Happy Birthday, Papa.

Happy Birthday to you~

Blow the candle? No need lah. I use my Wong Fei Hung super kick enough liao. AaahH YAH!

Opps! Got some cake on my toes

Wipe wipe.

Kong Kong and Mah Mah

Photo time...

Me and all the Kor Kor and Jie Jie

My first birthday cake


Ngap! yummy! I want some more.

Thank Uncles and Aunties, Kor Kor and Jie Jie for coming to Papa and mine birthday celebration. I hope all of you enjoyed it as much as I have. Come again next year ya.


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