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How many of my friends read my blog? I wondered. Guess, I will know soon enough.

Have been keeping this news for 3 months now. Or at least two months, coz even the "creators" didn't know of its existence for the first month. It's time to let the cat out of the bag.

Yup, a little kitten is on the way. Expected to arrive around the end of February 2008. I secretly hope that the bundle of joy will arrive on the 29th coz next year is a leap years.

Boy or girl? If boy, to carry on the family name. If girl, will get a lot of good supper in my old age. Universal knowledge is that when boy courting girl, the girl parents will gets lotsa "supper". Whatever will be will be, que sera sera.

Feeling? Uncertain. Too busy having "morning sickness", or more like "evening sickness". First month, the "wek wek" starts at noon time till late evening. Second month, starts 4pm onwards. Third month, 7pm onwards. Everything that goes in after the "designated" hours will automatically "resurface" again. Hopefully, it will stop soon.

Alamak! Hopefully next year will still be able to go for our annual pre-CNY shopping at Petaling Street with my sister. This have been our tradition since...donkey years ago.

The Best "Tai Chow" at Jalan Kuchai Lama

Another "makan" place. Located at Jalan Kuchai Lama, next to the Full Gospel Assembly(FGA) Church, formerly was a cinema.

This shop is just a wooden shack but well loved by people around the area. It even got endorsement from the "Ho Chak" show.

They have all sorts of "Tai Chow". If you don't feel like eating "Tai Chow" you can always orders rice and some dishes of vegetable and meat.

This shop is famous for its Hokkien Mee and Chau Tung Fun with bitter gourd.

Whats more is that they give generous amount of every ingredients.

Regardsless weekdays or weekend, this shop is always fill with customers. I usually avoid going there on weekend as have to wait long for empty table.

Ji Woh Pau

Went to Restaurant Clan and ordered their famous "Ji Woh Pau" as the better half of this small kucing have not tasted it. This special "pau" was feature in one of the local show.

Very nice packing. I remembered when I bought the same pau in that restaurant a year ago, it comes in Styrofoam box instead of a nice box like this. The workers there informed that they have started to pack using this box since after Chinese New Year 2007

Doesn't this image reminds you of something? It reminds me of a turban or the shape of...errr...better not reveal it here.

If you flip over the "turban"/pau, you will see Glutinous Rice

Inside the "turban"/pau consist of chicken meat, mushroom slice, a bit of salted egg yolk and lotsa onions. Personally, I don't like this "pau". Too many things combine together and a bit too oily. Price RM4-50.

They also have a mini version of the Ji Woh Pau. They call it by another name which I have totally missed/forgotten.
The side is the "pau" Top is the "malai koh" and the bottom is bit of "Char Siew". Taste moderate but if compared to the Ji Woh Pau, I would prefer this. However, it stand rather pricey at RM1-70/pc.

Square melon

This small kucing went sniffing at one of the hypermarket nearby. Found a squarish green thingy under fruits section.

I have heard of square watermelon and seen photo of it in the Internet. This is the first time I saw it in our local hypermarket.

It's really square. I wonder how it taste like. Same as the normal round shaped watermelon or more special. Was really tempted to buy one and try.

That is until I saw the price. What???? RM29-99 for a watermelon? Yup, it's square shape but still RM29-99???? A bit too pricey for my palate. For that price, I rather get a few of "King of Fruits" ...the DURIANS.


Arghhhh!! #$%&@. The book forum that I've always visit to get the latest information on books and sale is being "attack". So many porn link and medical advertisement link had sprung up.

Most of the members had refrained from posting anything there.

Don't they have better things to do than to attack a book forum. It's no as if we are discussing about S.E.X or kinky stuffs.

What make it worse is that the Administrator has been too busy with the sale to take any action to prevent these attacks.

This makes me see RED....GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix(The movie)

Been busy lately. Have not managed to get time to update this blog.

Finally managed to catch "Harry Potter & The Order of The Phoenix" after it had been in the cinema for a month. Been looking forward to watching this movie since earlier of this year.

Hm...what to say...disappointed. Though there are some fancy flying and some "battle", still the show have lost some essence. Many things from the book have been omitted. They could have shown the country of the giants, the mirror that Sirius gave to Harry, Harry asking the Nearly Headless Ghost about the world after death and etc.

Hopefully the next movie "Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince" would be better.

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