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More of Joshua's Photos

What is that pointing at me? A Camera ah?

Blurp! full full. Just had milk milk

I want "roti kahwin". Gimme gimme...

Eh...don't tickle my feet

Cute or not?

Tidur also have to pose, in case Papa or Mama snap my photo

Do I look like Papa?

Everyone says I look like my Papa. True or not?

Jeng! Jeng! Jeng!!!

Jeng! Jeng! Jeng! I am here. I wiggled and I woggled on 21st night hopefully can come out to wish Papa "Happy Birthday"on 22nd. The journey was too tiring. I fell asleep. Woke up on 22nd night and tried again.

I can see the light! But uh oh...mama's body is too small. Heart beat getting slow. Cannot breath! Cannot breath! Help! Help!

My Papa is my hero. Papa very strong. Mama cannot move due to the pain and the hospital people ask Mama to sit on the wheel chair to be push into the Operation Room. My strong Papa straight say "No. I'll carry her". Papa carried Mama into the Operation Room

Doctors helped and bring me out. Fuih!! can take deep breath finally.

Uwaaaeee! who wack my bum bum????

Suck thumb thumb 1st. No breakfast yet.

Bath bath already. Brrr...Cold cold..tired from the JOURNEY. Joshua oi oi 1st ya.

Eh! Tak aci! Wanna oi oi, Papa snap my photo pulak.
Gone to dreamland


Caught Red handed/footed

Have not been updating this blog for quite some time now.

Joshua likes to pling plong here and there. Like to "ajak" the Papa to play with him.

Caught him red handed..or footed..swiming inside Mama kucing tummy. Suddenly got a "benjol" there What do you think? It's hand or feet?

Chicken Pox

Boo hoo hoo...Joshua's papa caught chicken pox.

This small kucing have never had chicken pox before. Thus Small Kucing and Baby kucing in quarantine lu. No CNY feast.

Uncle Sam Seafood Noodle Restaurant at Bandar Pinggiran Subang

On the trail of Curry Laksa again. This time nearer to home. Found a restaurant at Bandar Pinggiran Subang which offer Seafood Curry Laksa. They have several type of Curry Laksa but I ordered the normal one.

It comes with four fish ball, Lala, one mussel and tao pok. The portion of the noodle are very large. Can't finish it alone. Taste no bad. Out of 10, I'll give it 7.

This shop also offers many types of seafood noodles including Fish Head Noodle. Didn't try this coz am not into seafood noodle.

Noodles only available for lunch time.

At night, the shop is open but offer a different type of menu. The steam soup offered at night taste good too.

The address of this shop is Uncle Sam Seafood Noodle 29-G Jalan Bulan U5/CA, Bandar Pinggiran Subang Seksyen U5, 40150 Shah Alam Tel : 03-78453650.

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