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Subang Teow Chew Claypot Bak Kut Teh

Passby this shop many times and regardless the day, the place is always full up with customers. It seems that this shop is open for breakfast and lunch time only.

We went there on a Sunday about 11.30am. As expected, the shop is full.

I order mixed BKT. Was told by the lady that they are left with fatty meat only. All the rest - stomach, intestine, rib and etc sold out. Haizz....what to do ?Hentam aje lah. Should have gone there for breakfast but not accustom to having such heavy meal for breakfast.

The pot of BKT. Yummy! A lot of "foo chuk" and the suop got "umph!"

Apart from that, they do have Assam Fish. Their Assam Fish is delicious too. The green vegetables are fresh.

Cute Cat

Found this cute little mama cat at one of the chinese restaurant. Very hungry looking and scared. Each time I tried to feed her, two other cats would bully her and chase her away ...*sob*sob*


After you drink alcohol, you will be able to read the writing on the white signboard at the bottom right side up.

A message From Joshua at week 25th

Thank you Grandmama, Grandpapa, Aunty Lay Liew, Uncle Lua, Cousin Wen, Cousin Yuen, Cousin Ling, Aunty "Beetle", Uncle Wan and Gor Gor Jon.

Wah! I have yet to come out and there are so many toys, books, beddings, clothing and even a baby "toilet" waiting for me!

And more offer of nice things from Aunty 'Beetle" family. Aunty "Beetle", Aunty "Beetle", remember to visit me when I am born , okie? :)

Okie, thats all for now. tata and muackz!

A Night in Kuantan

Stayed overnight in Kuantan on the journey home from Kuala Trengganu. Check into M.S Garden Hotel, rest awhile and went food hunting. One thing have to be said about this hotel. The room we had was really BIG.

A friend highly recommended Restaurant Mei Hiong for their "shark Meat" dish. We found the restaurant after much 'searching' and the restaurant was closed ** sob ** sob **. It seems that many Chinese restaurant in Kuantan closed on Monday.

After much browsing thru the "Food Guide" that the friend gave, we decided to 'makan" at The Cottage. This restaurant was also recommended by one of the local magazine.

Special Fried Rice. Wow! a lot of "Ikan Bilis". This fried rice taste ok-ok-lah. Love the crunchy ikan bilis but dare not take a lot.

Supposed to be their famous fried bihun. Looks messy though. Taste...errr.. no comment.

The next day went to eat the famous Y & L Pan Mee which is located opposite the road to The Cottage. Though it's going to be 11am, there were still many customers around. Managed to find an empty table.

This Pan Mee comes with Fish Ball, own made meatball, Ikan Bilis, slices of mushroom and cakur manis. We order small bowl of Pan Mee. Was rather surprise to see they give quite a large portion of it. Guess the price hike have yet to hit this restaurant. My complaint of this Pan Mee is "Why give so little cakur manis??"..hahaha..I love cakur manis as it makes the soup taste sweeter.

A Restaurant at Teluk Cempedak

Ahem.. ahem.. Will I get free food if I dine in this restaurant?

Tong Sui at Sect 17 PJ

Am not really fond of "Tong Sui". However, "5 Meals, 1 Day" recommend this stall in one of it's episode.

Don't look down on this tiny stall. They sell 18 types of "tong Sui" and the "tong Sui" finishes very fast. They have the traditional "bubur caca", "red bean soup", "fan shi tong sui" to the "new invention" like "apple tong sui", "Pear with white fungus tong sui" and many more.

Taste very good. What's more is that the price is cheap at RM1-30 per packet. Where else in Klang Valley can you find such a large variety of "tong Sui" at one stall and at this price?

Winter Dates from China

Saw these "Winter Dates" being sold in Pasar Malam. The vendor claims that it taste nicer than the Yellow Dates. I bought one packet at RM6 to try it out.

Quite small size like a 10sen coin From greenish to brownish in colour. The Vendor said that the brownish are ripe ones.

At the first bite it taste very sweet but not as sweet as the yellow dates. Texture is like apple. Overall, I still preferred the Yellow Dates

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