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A Day of Warehouse Sale Chasing

Don't disturb me ler, Mama. I wanna sleep some more. You go warehouse sale chasing with Papa le.

Ah! says Pureen Warehouse Sale is today ah??( Mama is going to Pureen Warehouse Sale ah? Waiiiiiit!!! I wanna follow.

9.30a.m. The door is already open

Many people is inside liao. Mama! Move faster. Else all good things kena grabbed liao

I want that Farley Bear. I want Heinz cereal too. Gosh! They have so many new thing for baby. They even have pasta and cheese for baby. Hmm...this round no Yummy Bowl as free gift ka?

Pureen products and other brands.

Huh...quite a long ah..Move faster la.

Many payment counters but the queue is still long. There are RELA members jaga the queue and traffic.

Many cars, many people but not much variety of goodies.

A few bottles of Rosken, Counterpain and don't know what

Selling clocks and watches

Containers, Ice-cooler, Ovens, camera and some other electrical stuffs. That's all. Disappointing.

Hungry liao. Eat one Farex Teething Rusks first.

Next! Watson Stock Clearance Sale at Watson Seapark Branch(Jln 21/17)(

Products are going from 77sens onwards

Not many people but very comfortable environment. Variety not as much as previous warehouse sale at Glenmarie. One bad thing is that most of the products are without price tags. Rather tedious having to check the price at the machine. The staffs are helpful but their hands are full also. Pity them.

What's this Mama bought for me?

Chicken Little? RM1-77 only. Hmm...wassup with this Watson sale ah? a lot of number "7". A very "Ong" number or what?

Huh...finally home. Let see what we've got here for ME.

Goodies from Pureen Warehouse Sale


New shoes for me. Just nice for the coming Christmas and Chinese New Year.

What else? What else?

New clothes!

From Watson Clearance sale, mostly price range from 77sen to RM1-77sen. Nothing from DKSH Sale.

Fuih......warehouse sale chasing is really a very tiring work..that's all for now..signing off....tata...


Huh? *blink*blink*

I am seeing stars....Twinkle..twinkle little stars....

Oh! I know! I know! I know where this is.

It's Subang Airport. It's still under renovation. We are at the airport coz Kong Kong and Mah Mah is coming.

Eh...Papa ah...where is my pram ah? I am not a luggage ler. Why put me on the trolley?

Climb Every Mountain~

Hahaha.....My latest hobby is climbing. I will climb anything. Not enough seats in Papa's car? No problem. I'll climb up and sit on top.




I open ya, Mama cats geh? All words.

No cats hidden underneath also. Hmm...not a picture book...


Haiz...Mama ni...Drink tea never wash the teapot. Just put on the table like that.

See! the teapot have grown Pandan leafs liao.

Who Am I?

I am confused.

Why Mama give me wear PINK colour geh?

Now I look like a girl pulak...Who am I????

One Hand



Sap Sap Sui(Wet wet water) hand "kau tim".


Last week, I was not feeling well. I had fever. *sob*sob* ..I want sayang-sayang

Then Mama Sayang-sayang me

Had a good night sleep

The next morning I woke up, the fever is gone. Yipee!

Ah Long

*Grrrr* Who wanna fight! I'm the "taiko" here. Looks fierce enough or not? Got bakat to be an actor ka?

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