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Sore Throat

Huh?? Mamarazzi buying so many Lime? What is Mamarazzi planning to do with that?

Arrr?? Put all into a bottle and put soooooo much salt??? Trying to kill the Lime ah? Oh...Mamarazzi said she is making Lime pickle. Said to be a good cure for sore-throat. Hope the project will be successful.


I am SPIDER BOY the car window washer! My hands and Feet can stick on any surface.

Aaaaaaa ..Uuuuuu...Aaaiiiii...falling down.

Little Doggy On The Loose

Heyok! Heyok! (Hello, hello,). We are at a field near the Shah Alam Mosque

I've discovered something interesting

It's called GRASS. And there are lots and lots and lots of grass here

I run and I run

And I play catch with Mamarazzi

Mamarazzi jogged. I also followed suit.

Huh...a bit tired liao

huh...someone is coming over

Aiks! a boy boy come and step on my shoe.

There is Papa. I go tell Papa.

Papa, Papa...

Just now ....*bisik*bisik*bisik* and I am a bit tired liao. Can we go home?

Starbuck at Subang Airport

Last Saturday morning we went to Subang Airport to meet Kong-Kong and Mah Mah. Wow! the airport look so nice already and many shops had opened there. Saw Starbuck. Papa said to wait at Starbuck.

I told Papa I wanted the Breakfast Set coz I've not eaten anything before coming out.

"Starbuck breakfast pairing Menu" is surprisingly cheap at RM6-50.... or is it RM6-90? Mamarazzi said she forgot the exact price. The kor Kor there said they ran out of the sandwich so he offerred us a choice from 6 other types of breads and buns. Choose any one as long as the price is lower than RM4-80. Mamarazzi choose Chicken Roll for me. Mamarazzi drank the coffee while I ate some of the bun and left half for Mah Mah and Kong Kong to taste. MMMmmm...yummy.

Chu Chap Chook?

Arr...porridge again???? Everyday porridge. But then Kaw Poh penat-penat went and buy for me to eat. Must give face and try.

What's this? Chu Chap Chook? Huh..Dragon-i Restaurant have this porridge meh? Taste...hmmm...okay-lah. Bit salty but have quite a lot of "liu". Thank you very much, Kaw Poh.

Cyclone Joshua

Who? Me? Not me...I didn't mess up the place. It was a Cyclone.


One of my latest interest is dancing. Dancing the "Tarian Gamelan" . Mamarazzi and me saw a show last Sunday featuring the Tarian Gamelan. Since that day, I've been practicing. Saw the girls there moving their feet in small steps. Goyang left, goyang right, going backwards, turning around and then sat down while moving their body. Look at this vidoe that Mamarazzi made of me dancing. I've have talent, don't I?

I am not FAT

Huh huh huh I've reached 11kg(+diaper) liao! I am not FAT. I am just bone heavy. Hehehehe...there is a difference, you know.

Porridge Again???

Porridge again??? I'm bored with porridge. Gimme something else.

Hmm...this biscuit pun jadi-lah


I've got a secret

Pressie for Mamarazzi from Aunty Siew

Cute cute packaging

Oh...Relaxing Bath ! Just nice for Mamarazzi after chasing me around the house

Uiks! Whats this? From Papa? Flowerrrrrr

Aiks! Not Flower la..chocolates

Huh...2-in-1 ah?? Chocolates Flowers? Or Flower Chocolates?

There is A Frog In My Bath!

Adoi! Something fell on my head.

Huh? A frog?
Mamarazzi! There is a frog in my bath! Hey! no photos!

Censor! Can't not see my KKC.

Asam Chai


What is that smell??
Wonder what is Mamarazzi cooking? Smell so strong.

It's Asam Chai! Uh...with ducky oh.

Swing Swing

Scare.. scare...


Hey! It's fun!

Swing! Swing! Swings up high. Hey! look at me, Mamarazzi. I can swing by myself. No need Mamarazzi to push.

Hide & Seek With Papa

Yesterday morning, Papa play hide and seek with me. I woke up, Papa not in the room to greet me "Good Morning, Joshua boy". Thus, I went to every part of the house looking for Papa. I even pull open the drawers to see if Papa was hiding inside. Where did Papa hide ah? I can't find him.

Restaurant Viccuda, Kota Damansara

Quite a long time haven't been to this restaurant. Wonder whether the food quality is the same.

Uh....Sotong Masak Kunyit

Telur Dadar

Burung Puyuh Goreng Biasa. I wonder is there Burung Puyuh Goreng Luar Biasa?

Pucuk Paku Masak Sambal Belacan

Kerabu Pucuk Paku

Nasi Goreng Ikan Masin

Accompany by the Sambal...uh...simply heavenly. Yup...the food here still taste very good!

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