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School Holidays Is Here Again!

Hey! School Holidays is here again! Today is the last day of school. Planning anything special?  

Papa said he might bring us to Ipoh again. Can’t get enough of  Ipoh good food. I love the “Ipoh Hor Fun” while Mamarazzi is dreaming of JJ Cake House Swiss Rolls.

Papa said he will have to send the car to the "car doctor" again for a check up before he decide whether we are going to Ipoh or not.

The car movement seems to be shaky since these dents miraculously appeared out of no where. The car tend to wobble left and right if the car is moving fast and it is getting worse. Hopefully, it is just the alignment that needs fixing. I wonder how much it will cost to fix the problems. 

It is very scary to send the car to the workshop as we won't know how much it will cost to fix the problem until the mechanic tells us. It might cost a few hundreds to a few thousand. 

I wish we have something like Repair Pal at this side of the world. Repair Pal not only helps car owner to get an estimate of how much they can expect to spend for a car service or a repair but also helps car owner to identify what might have caused the problem for they have a large Encyclopedia section.

Lets hope the problem are not to big. Then we can proceed with our holidays plans. Am now keeping all my fingers and toes crossed, hoping that the cost of repairing the car won’t be too hefty.

Gnomeo & Juliet

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Have you watched "Gnomeo & Juliet" the movie yet?  If you haven't, you ought to run to your nearest cinema and watch it. It's a highly captivating movie.The movie is loosely based on Shakespeare’s well known play, Romeo & Juliet".

The movie is about garden ornaments. They comes alive when their owners are not around. And like their original "Romeo and Juliet' counterparts, the Montagues and the Capulets despises each other. Fate, on the other hand, have other things planned for them. Their respective children, Gnomeo and Juliet crossed path and fell in love with each other.

Unlike the original "Romeo and Juliet", bloodbath did not occur following the event where Gnomeo and Juliet fell in love with each other. Instead of having the characters killed off, humorous predicaments were placed on both Monatagues and the Capulets.

I was not expecting much from this movie as the synopsis says it's based on "Romeo & Juliet". I thought there would be sickeningly sweet romantic scenes where only girls would like to watch.

Alas, I was wrong. Even though the movie is loosely based on  Shakespeare's play, it's not exactly a pure fluff or a chic-flick. It's aimed to entertain viewers of all age.

Young audience like me would definitely love this movie as it's filled with not only good humour, but packed with action and moral values as well.

Mamarazzi said in this photograph , my face looks like a garden gnome. Do watch this movie and let me know if it is true.

Lovely Hoard From BookXcess

Very sorry for the long silence. Mamarazzi have been very busy with her books.

 Last week we went to BookXcess again and bought a whole load of books for me.

 These are just so cheap! I love This Dora Play-A-Sound book

It's RM9-90 only 

There are 4 card board pages in the book. Size just small enough for my hand. I love it.

For herself she bought this book. It took her about one week to finish this book. She said she love it. If you are interested on the review of this book, check out Mamarazzi's review at Mama Kucing Meow

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