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An Amish Christmas, Expanded Edition

There are four lovely stories of four Amish ladies in this book

A Miracle For Mariam by Kathleen Fuller

Mariam, her heart was once broken. Her self esteem took a heavy beating. Then Seth came back. Can she accept him? Would the pain be too great?

A Choice To Forgive by  Beth Wiseman

Lydia, a widow, opened the door and suddenly she was like strucked by the ghost of her past. Daniel who had deserted her stood there and told her that she have been baptized back into the community. Could she forgive and let him enter her life again?

One Child by Barbara Cameron

For any woman, having a miscarriage is one of the most painful thing ever. Sarah lost her first child a year ago. And due to circumstances beyond her control she was looped in to be the the midwife of an Englisch couple. Would Sarah be able to share the joy?

Christmas Cradles by Kelly Long

Anna was to takeover for a night from her Aunt Ruth who is the Amish local midwife. Guess it's Murphy's law. It happens to be the darkest night and they having the worst blizzard. And all who going to give birth, gave birth that night. Can Anna help these mothers? Two dramatic birth. And what does Asa ,who is escorting Anna  around, feel?

Mamarazzi told me that the stories in this book are easy to read. The language flows easily. She finished this in two hours.

Mamarazzi give it 4 stars out of 5

Oh ya...Mamarazzi received this complimentary book from Thomas Nelson Publisher as part of the blogger review programme. She was not required to give a positive review and all opinions expressed here in are her own.

Beneath The Night Tree By Nicole Baart

Mamarazzi received this complimentary Advance Reader Copy of Beneath The Night Tree written by Nicole Baart, from Tyndale House Publisher. She is not obligated to write a positive review. All opinion expressed herein is solely her own.

Mamarazzi burnt midnight oil again last night. Received this book yesterday and she was hooked on it from the first page on. 

The story is about Julia Desmit, a single mother who have to his son, Daniel and "mother" to her younger step-brother, Simon, aged 10. She was left in a lurch when Patrick Holt a.k.a Parker, the father of her son walked out on her. Lucky for her,as her grandmother was there to be her pillar of strenght.

She was going out with Micheal Vemeer who seems to be the man of her dreams. 

Out of the sudden, she received an e-mail from Parker. He wants to worm his way back to their life. Then what would happen to Micheal? Would he take a back seat?

There were a million question going in her mind but she knows that she had to do the right thing. Not matter what, Parker is still the biological father of her child.

Mamarazzi like this book very much. First of all, it's written in a way which is easy to be understand. Not much of fancy big words that some writers seems to be fond of.

Secondly the story just jump to life. It can happen to anyone of use

Mamarazzi gives it 4 stars out of 5.

Auntie Cleffairy Bought Me A New House!

Mamarazzi memang leceh. Just l"redecorated" my house in April. Now thinking of moving house pulak.

Haiyo! just think of the cost of buying a new house and the headache of packing. Some more I might loose my friends from this house leh. Some may not wanna follow me to my new house leh.

She asked Auntie Cleffairy opinion and advices as she is the expert.

Omigosh!!! the next thing I know, Auntie Cleffairy told me that she had bought me a house as an early Christmas pressie!!!

Yikes! She even found a good moving company to help with the moving in to the new house. If you need service to move your house, do check out this Fat Cat Moving company.

Broooom Broooommm I go moving to my new home. Will you follow me to my new home? Hope you will follow me to my new home.

My new address is Do come to my new house for a visit and stay. 

As usual with the moving and all, some things will go missing. Very sorry for that. Hope you will drop by my new home, gimme me your address so that Mamarazzi can link back to you. 

Thank you very much for supporting me here and hope to see you again at my new home.

P/S : Mamarazzi is very naughty. She disabled the comment for this post. If you wanna comment, do drop by my new house. :D

Bedtime Stories And Prayers By Enid Blyton-The First Stone

I love playing with stones and pebbles. But Mamarazzi told me not to throw stones at people. Very bad. Jesus also said some thing similar.

According to Bedtime Stories and Prayers by Enid Blyton, a long long time ago there was this woman caught by the Pharisee. She did something wrong. The punishment at that time was bad. People gets to throw stones at her. Ouch! Very painful one.

The men that caught the woman also very bad. They plan to trap Jesus coz they hated him. They plan to get Jesus to say something that people will hate.

Their plan was to bring the woman to Jesus and ask Jesus if the woman should be punished by stoning as it was written in their law. If Jesus say no, they would say Jesus is bad for going against the law of the land. If Jesus say yes, then they will tell people that Jesus is cruel for condoning the stoning.

Then dragged the woman to Jesus but Jesus already know of their plan. He looked at the woman sobbing face and said to the crowds "Which of you here who has never done anything wrong may cast the first stone at this woman".

Everyone looked into their past and felt ashamed for none was sinless. They went away. The woman was saved.

Water Crestnut With Egg Thong Sui

This is a poor folk Thong Sui according to Mamarazzi.

Last time great-grandpopo had a large family and not much money to feed all the thirteen kids. Whenever they have the chance of getting an egg, Great-grandpopo would make this Thong Sui as a treat for the kids. Just beat an egg and pour into boiling water with some sugar added.

Mamarazzi saw Water Crestnut sold very cheap at the Pasar Malam the other day. Bought a packet. Peel off the skin and chop it up.

Throw it into the pot and boiled awhile with the sugar water.

Beat an egg and slowly pour into the boiling water.

There you go...Water Crestnut With Egg Thong Sui. Best serve chilled.

Actually Mamarazzi have added some "Sea Bird Nest" in to it. Mamarazzi bought this from Tanjung Sepat but didn't know how to cook. The 1st round she made, she throw everything in and boiled withe the Sea Coconut Leong Sui and it dissolved into nothing.

This round Mamarazzi, soak it overnight and put it in for 5minutes. Again it dissolved. Failed again. Maybe no need to boil kot? Maybe after the Thong Sui is done, just put in and eat like that kot? Anyone know how to cook this?

Nevertheless, the Thong Sui tasted good. Yumm...

No Name Restaurant Along Jalan Sungai Buloh, Kampung Melayu Subang

This Restaurant no name one. Tersepit in between two furniture shop.Saw quite a number of people makan here whenever we pass by here. Hmm...hope the food is good la.

Papa ordered "ABC". Uiks...don't know how come purple color punya. Taste? Mmmm...a bit weird.

Hot ah hot ah...Thai Tom Som. spicy...I bet Auntie Cynthia would love this. She can really take spicy food.

Lucky got the Jumbo Watermelon Juice

Papa had Nasi Goreng Kampung(Top) while Mamarazzi and me had Nasi Goreng Ikan Masin.

Weird. Papa instructed them not to put Cili but how come the Nasi Goreng Kampung spicy one? Mamarazzi tasted and found that the Ikan Bilis was spicy. Not their Nasi

As for my Nasi Goreng Ikan Masin. Hardly have any taste of Ikan Masin at all.

 I bet Auntie Little Bird would love this. Sotong Goreng Kunyit. Taste okay la . Just goreng not dry enough.

Mamarazzi didn't like this Tomyam. She said the soup too "pekat" and got taste of rotten onion. Papa said maybe it's due to the mushroom leh. Well, we didn't finish the Tomyam. They gave quite a large pot. What a waste.

This one is the best. Burung Puyuh goreng. Well marinated and delicious. Mamarazzi ate so slow. I kept having to remind her to eat faster coz I wanna feed the bones to the cats sitting under my chair.

Would definitely come back here for the Burung Puyuh.

I Missed The BBW Fire Sale!

I was so looking forward to The Big Bad Wolf Fire sale. Even had my "Kaw Kaw" put on "make-up" for me.

All book regardless of title and genre were going for RM5 and less. 

It was a very long journey to the sale. Mana tau on the way to the sale, I fell asleep.

Mamarazzi saw I was sleeping. She sneak off to the sale alone while Papa drove me home to sleep.

Mamarazzi didn't get any books for me. Said not much choices left at the Children section wor. Hmmm...don't know it's true or false.

 The above are her hoard. Each were going for RM5. How come she can get so many books for herself and none for me ah? Suspicious.

Asia Cafe Kota Damansara (Part 1) this is the new Asia Cafe ah? Not many people know yet wor.

 Plenty of hawkers food. Not that pricey. Around RM5 depending what you choose.

 Jumbo Juice. 1st time having this. RM5-70. Sweet sweet sour sour. Nice. Heard someone said this one is very healthy wor. Good for the heart or what.

 Papa had CKT. Taste good. RM4. 

 Stewed Pork Sliced with Preserved "Mui Choy" Steamed Rice (RM6).

 Me hungry. Aiyo...Mamarazzi wanna snap how many picture leh. Curi makan 1st.

hand come slowly....cepat-cepat curi one..stuffed into mouth...and pretend nothing happen. Hmm...very sedap.

 Spared Ribs Soup With Black Bean. RM5-50. Very tasty soup. Boiled long enough.

Papa still hungry. He ordered Pork Noodle from one stall. And Mamarazzi ordered Curry Mee from the same stall.

The stall was man by a young chap in his 20s who seems to be dreaming. Maybe dreaming of his girlfriend kot?

Waited like 15 minutes, the maid came and told Mamarazzi quite rudely that they have run out of Curry Mee. "Mau order lain ka?". Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

Papa was still waiting for his Pork Noodle. Was thinking of leaving when the maid came with the noodle. Taste ordinary. But taste is relative for each person. Some may love it.

If you are at this Asia Cafe, must try the steamed rice and the soup.

The Warung @ MidValley

 Anak Bapak....

 Mamarazzi saw her friend posted a delicious photo in his Facebook. Stall name is The Warung. Located in Midvalley, near the exit to the KTM many choices. What to eat?

Papa ordered Sirap Bandung for me while he had Teh Tarik. Mamarazzi had Kopi O.

This is my first Sirap Bandung. I know why Uncle Pete's son loves Sirap Bandung.

Jeng~jeng~Jeng~ Nasi Tumpang(RM9-80). It's a Kelantanese food. Used to be "bungkus" by the farmers wife for their husband to go to paddy field.

This is the Nasi that Mamarazzi's friend posted in his Facebook. Quite tasty but rather expensive.

Papa ordered Nasi Lemak (RM3) for me. Nice but the Sambal very fiery.


Halfway eating I beh tahan. Use hand better la. After all, in the old times people use hands to eat at warung

 After makan, I wash my hands using the basin provided.

A random photo taken by Papa .

We went jalan-jalan after makan. Stopped by Dataran Merdeka. Saw a man selling this funny looking ball. Mamarazzi bought two for me.

Bedtime Stories And Prayers By Enid Blyton-The Ten Unhappy Men

 Simple meal. Mamarazzi cooked Bak-Kut-Teh

 Fried Cabbage Indian style.

Me ? Happy with any food as long as tummy is full. Not like those unhappy men in the Enid Blyton Bedtime Stories and Prayer book.

The story goes like this. There was these 10 lepers. Lepers in those days very kesian one. No cure one. Everyone was afraid of them and they are left to rot in the hills and caves. Away from the community.

One day Jesus pass by an area where there are lepers. They got to know this and shouted for Jesus to have mercy on them.

Jesus heard them and ask his disciples to bring them to him. He healed them and ask them to go and show themselves to the Priest. During those days, they have to show themselves to the Priest to get a confirmation that they are cured. Not like now where you can start go and get Medical Check-up at any hospital.

Well, out of the 10 lepers that Jesus cured. Only one came back to thank him

Bamboo Charcoal Tambun Biscuit From Pan Heong

Broom...broom......The other day Papa dreamt of Pan Heong's Noodle again. The Wat Tan Hor taste really good wor.

We went and tapau-ed lo. This round we didn't add the "Sang Har". Just the noodle. Surprisingly there is a lot of ingredient in the noodle. They put sotong, small prawn, fish cakes and etc. Very cheap too. RM9 only. Portion for two person.

While waiting, Mamarazzi spied this Bamboo Charcoal Tambun Biscuit. RM11-50 for a box of 24 biji. Not bad wor. Cheap.

Looks ugly. Taste? Not bad lah. Can buy again la. Not that sweet. Good for those people who wanna eat Tambun Biscuits but is health conscious.

Big Bad Wolf Sale 2010(2nd Round)

Jom! Faster la....visit my dear pal Wolfie. See how is his 1st day of Sale. Hello Wolfie! Hooooowww are you?

 Wah....the crow really went crazy ah? The place quite "clean out" already. The big stacks of Jodi Picoult books almost lesap all already. Terror!

But then Wolfie will surely open new boxes of books tomorrow.

I wonder what is install for the crowds when morning comes. Lovely delicious books .

But then Mamarazzi lagi terror. Went into the sale for 10 minutes and yet managed to grab 5 books.

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