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The Blind Leading The Blind.

Is this the case of the blind leading the blind or the fool leading the foolish?

There are clearly drawn parking space and yet doesn't seems to know how to use the parking space.

Oi! License Kopi O ka? One car park two parking space!

Ipoh Hor Fun at Damansara Perdana

Yum Yum ... FINALLY!!! Found Ipoh Hor Fun. Yummy yummy. Restaurant T.K.Chong located at Damansara Perdana. This restaurant was mentioned in several blog.

Ample portion of Hor Fun with Chicken meat and shrimp.

We also order Shrimp Wan Tan.

Both The Hor Fun and the Shrimp Wan Tan taste very good. Though a blogger did mentioned that the soup was very sweet due to MSG.

I want one more bowl of Ipoh Hor Fun please....

Nasi Lemak Village Park

Wanted to eat Ipoh Hor Fun. Round and round and round and can't think of a nice place to go for Ipoh Hor Fun.

Arrived at Damansara Utama area and pass by Village Park Restaurant. Wanted to try their famous Nasi Lemak for quite some time but didn't really get around to do that. Since it's a Sunday and plenty of time in hand, might as well try our luck.

We are lucky. Though the restaurant was crowded and parking was hard to find, we managed to get a parking space and a table.

Nasi Lemak with Sotong

Nasi Lemak with Ayam Goreng

Two slices of Roti Bakar with a cup of tea.

Fuiyo! the sambal was surprisingly HOT. Nothing much special about the Sotong but the Ayam Goreng was really good. They do give a large portion of the chicken meat which consist of the drumstick and the thigh. I do love their Ayam Goreng.

The Roti Bakar was a bit thin but taste good. Think apart of kaya and butter, they also add in some condensed milk.

Overall....hmm...I still like best is the Nasi Lemak at situated opposite Lucky Restaurant, Sri Petaling .

A message From Joshua at 22 weeks

Ciak! Here I am. Aren't I cute? Yup, I know. This photo really makes me looks like ET. Blame the doctor. He didn't give me the chance to make myself more presentable. Didn't even count 1, 2,3 before he snap the photo. Come to think of it, what is 1,2,3???

Well, at least he didn't snap a photo of my birdie and give it to my parents. Imagine the horror, 20 years from now when my girlfriend sees THAT photo!

That's all for now. Tata till we meet again.

The Best Cup of Milo Milk

The best cup of Milo when you suddenly feel hungry in the middle of the night and to have a sleepyhead who woke up to make the milk for you to drink.

Fresh Yellow Dates

These are fresh yellow dates. One of the favourtes for the Muslim buka puasa. Never had any before. Saw these being sold in the Pasar Malam here 1kg for RM20. Bought a few home to try. It's hard and crunchy. Taste as sweet as sugar cane and perssimon. Well, it's something nice to chew on.


Hari Raya is very near. It might be tomorrow or the day after. Lemang, one of the must have during Hari Raya.

The other day bought one stick of Lemang from "Lemang Bonda" at Kg Melayu Subang for RM7. It's quite expensive even for Kuala Lumpur price. The taste was nothing to boast about. The Lemang was too soft and does not have any coconut milk taste. Well, that is a personal opinion. Others might feel otherwise.

Went to Bazaar Ramadan at Sect 17 today. Found this stall selling Lemang by piece instead of a whole stick. Thought of buying a piece of that. When I asked the price for a piece of Lemang that is not even 15cm long, I had the shock of my life. Thinking that I've heard wrongly, I repeated the question. The lady answered "Ye Dik, tu lima ringgit."(Yes, sister. That one is RM5)

That "vulture" must be crazy to think that I will fork-out RM5 for a tiny piece of Lemang. Well, she can keep the piece of lemang and stuff it up to the place where no light venture.

More of Popiah

Personally, I think this Stadium Popiah is nicer than the one in front of Madam King's in Malacca. Stadium Popiah located at SS2 "Pasar Malam" every Monday. Manned by a husband and wife team.

He put many things in the Popiah including some slices of "Lap Cheong"

What's more is that we do not have to wait 40 minutes for it. The most is about 10 minutes.
And you don't have to crack your head calculating the amount to pay as it's stated in the price list. Minimum order is 2 pieces.


This smallkucing is not that small anymore. Getting rounder and rounder like a watermelon with limbs by the hours.

Gosh! another 140 days to go before we can finally meet little Joshua. Todate, little Joshua has been very active at night and slept during day time. Can't blame him coz it's dark inside. Can't really tell when is day time and when is night time.

He is quite a playful fella. If you give him a tap when he is awake, he will respond with a tap or two. Kept playing like that till he is tired and goes back to sleep.

If he hears fast paced songs, he would wake up and start dancing. Wonder what will he be when he grows up.

Sunway Pyramid New Wing

It seems that every shopping complex in the city is trying to out do each other in expansion. 1Utama did it. Midvalley Mega Mall is doing some extension. And Sunway Pyramid had opened its new wing

Actually, I don't really like the old Sunway Pyramid much as there are nothing much to see there.

Was very surprised by the "new look". The new wing looks great especially the Jusco. There are a few floors of the Jusco and they are having sale now. Managed to get a maternity blouse.

Quite a number of shops in the new wing will be opening soon. Drilling sound can be heard from the shoplots. Though the renovation is ongoing, the place is still nice to walk.

One bad point though. Under some pillars they have constructed some marble seat for people to rest after tired of walking around. The seats surrounding the pillars are of "stars" shape with sharp corner pointing out, like the star on our National Flag.

I think that seats will be very dangerous for kids. Kids likes to run around and prone to knock their head or body on the sharp edges of the seats.

I wonder whether there will be any large bookstore there or not.

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