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It's Hard Work

A baker's work is not easy. Look at how hard Joshua is working to bake "Cheese Cake". Face looks red like lobster liao

Mouth Comes First

Joshua loves his milk milk. Even before the whole body wakes up, the mouth would "wake up" first. That means.."Mama!..get ready..I want my milk milk". Cheeky boy

Mind Your Spelling

May I know what is ....


Fired Rice?

Eh Eh Eh I wana Be Olympic Swimmer

I wana swim swim swim

Joshua's Fullmoon

Today is a very big day for Joshua. Today is his fullmoon celebration. Wow! time flies. Joshua's is one month old.
Early in the morning, his grandmama gave him a bath
Wah...cold cold ah..censor ah..can see kkc

So many "ang ku" . Joshua 's wana eat "ang Ku".

And a lot of "ang" eggy

His 1st hair cut performed by his Aunty Lay Liew
His 1st taste of Nasi Kunyit
His 1st step out to the world...errr...oppss..where is the shoey ah??? Hot hot hot ahhhh

Well, here is a short video of Joshua and his Nasi Kunyit

Sleep - I Do It My Way

Deep Meditation Style

Pretending to be asleep style

Cicak Tokek Style
Sun Bathing Style
Weight Lifter Style

Taiko style

Bruce Lee Style

Doremon Style
Don't Disturb Me Style

Sweet Dream

Another Cure for Cough

Learn something interesting from Mother-in-Law the other day.

"Buah Semangkuk" can be use as a cure for cough. Just pop a few into a cup/mug of water and wait for it to "kembang". Throw away the seed. Drink the water with the pulp. You might want to add a bit of sugar syrup.

A cheap and easy cure. No boiling nor the bitterness of cough syrup.

Cicak Tokek

He likes to sleep like this. Just like Cicak Tokek..kekeke

Cicak Tokek Carving at Bali

Poor Joshua

Little Joshua had a bad tummy ache last night. Kecian his sleep, the face also screw up coz of the tummyache. The poo poo come out a bit greenish.

Free Cheeze Cake

Free Cheese Cake! Free Cheese Cake! Hot from the oven! Who wants free cheese cake!!!
Aiyoyo! This mama kucing was changing his diaper. Suddenly something yellow come out...Later on more "cheese cake" sputtered out... Bee boo bee boo..where is the cleaning units......

My E.N.E



Eye(Psss..don't you just envy my eye lashes)


Hair Starting to drop.

Uh oh...mama kucing's hair will start to drop.
There is a folks lore going about that once the baby smile, the mother's hair will start to drop. Hmm...maybe I should start spotting Sinead O'Connor's hair style.

Joshua after 10 days

Here is another update on Joshua.

Joshua does drink a lot. After Breast Feeding he still want his milk milk.

Looks like Anmum Milk does have its effect(ahem ahem..any free sponsorship from Anmum?).

Was talking to Joshua. Asking him to hold his bottle. This video is taken when Joshua is 10 days old. He seems to know how to hold his milk bottle. Not much grasp but still able to hold the milk bottle.

okie dokie. Thats all for now.

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