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Brush of Angel's Wings By Ruth Reid

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Rachel and Jordan's feelings for each other are hostile at first, but angelic intervention helps the two discover peace . . . and perhaps love.
The youngest and last unmarried of four sisters, Rachel Hartlzer spends most of her time helping with barn chores. Her role abruptly changes when her father hires Jordan Engles, the son he always wanted.
As Jordan takes on brotherly roles around the house, like escorting Rachel to the youth singing, the enmity between the two grows. Besides, Jordan has one foot in the Englisch world and is determined not to get involved with an Amish girl.
Neither realizes that God has sent an angel, Nathaniel, to help mend their hearts. The angel’s intervention helps them find peace and healing in accepting God's will for their lives.

My Comments
I have read several Amish fiction and usually I love them.  However, I regret to say that this book some how disappoints me.
For me the characters seems a bit stiltled. Both Racherl and Jordan just doesn't seems to "connect". Rachel is deemed to be impulsive and some what rebellious but when I read the book, her characters seems so boring.
Jordan is from the outside world but it seems quite illogical that he can assimilate his life in the community so fast and his problem just does not sound convincing enough.
The redeeming point of the book is the "battle" between the angel Nathaniel and demon Tangus.
The plot is also slow for me. I had a hard time finishing this book.
However, as I have always said, read the book for yourself before you judge as each person taste in books is different. What I like, you may not like and vice versa.

For me it rated 2 stars out of 5.
Disclaimer : I have received this book from in exchange of an honest review.


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