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The Big Bad Wolf Books Warehouse Sale At Amcorp Mall 26th November 2009

The Star Newspaper reported a large crowd attending the sale. Read here. And we are one of those who made up the crowd. By 9.30a.m. ,people are waiting outside for the sale to begin

The staffs checking everything and putting the final touch on. There are a lot of books. Neatly arranged. Looked very spacious hor? But once the crowds are in, the place is packed like a can of Sardine. Barely any room for maneuvering.

The books are well categorised. Large sign pasted on the wall to identify where each type of books are located. This the Non-Fiction side.

Romance Section

Fiction and Chinese Section. Children's books have a large hall by itself *YAYAY*.

Wow! when the gate opened, the crowd rushed in.

Despite everything, the staffs managed to control the crowd well. Staffs were placed at the entrance directing "traffic" and helping the crowd to get boxes for their books.

After half an hour, Mamarazzi's box full up nearly to the ream. A pretty lady staff offered to help her to put her box at the Customer Service Counter while she go on hunting.

There was a large crowd at the payment counter. But two helpful staffs were placed there to manage the queue. Making sure nobody jump queue and making sure everything goes smoothly. By the time Mamarazzi made payment, the queue was already up to Kenny Roger Restaurant.

What was I doing while Mamarazzi gone hunting? I was having a great time at McDonald Restaurant.

Having Happy Meal for Breakfast with Papa.

Then Mamarazzi finally come back with a huge box of books overflowing out.

Here are two of Mamarazzi best pals from primary school who came for the sale after being informed by Mamarazzi. Two more of Mamarazzi's friends from school time also came for the sale but they were busy book hunting while we were taking photos.

A real good job done to The Big Bad Wolf Books for not only bringing great books at an affordable price but also bringing old time friends together.

The only thing that marr the event for Mamarazzi was the shopping complex guard told Mamarazzi not to take photos of the event. It seems that only the Press and BookXcess staffs may take photos. *Angry* Mamarazzi look like a thief planning to rob the place or what? So "pah pai". Oh...please take note that Mamarazzi is not angry at BBWB Management as they did a great job. Mamarazzi is angry at the shopping complex's Management as the guard said that it's the shopping complex's policy.


Cynthia November 27, 2009 at 9:58 AM  

hehehe.. mamarazzi is predicting the future! how come it's 26 December de? :D

reanaclaire November 27, 2009 at 10:19 AM  

Yes, normally they dont allow to take pics.. last time i went for a church seminar.. i took some pics in the church and i was forbidden as well.. hahaha... their regulations as such.. i guess... so u managed to get lots?

smallkucing November 28, 2009 at 7:51 PM  

Claire - if seminar is different a bit. But usually I dare not snap photo inside church or temple. So far when I snap photos of other books warehouse sale, they allow. But I guess most of it is located in Godown. Prev, BBWB sale at Hamodal also they dont mind me taking photo. Guess the shopping complexs are extra careful due to ahem ahem events at Indon.

Cynthia- Thank you very much for alerting me of my mistake:) I mong char char coz gone out 7 early 8 early then shop for books and rush here rush there whole day. Bythe time I finish writing this post I was like zombie liao...kekeke.

goolypop December 2, 2009 at 1:26 PM  

first time here! Hello! Too bad i dont stay in KL, otherwise I will surely follow ur lead in hunting for warehouse book sales. I love books too, esp. children's books!

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