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The One Year Book of Encouragement by Harold Myra

Mamarazzi was provided by Tyndale House Publishers with this complimentary copy of "One Year Book of Encouragement" written by Harold Myra.

This book consist of a collection of words of wisdom and encouragement by authors from the past and present. There are 370 pages in this book, including the "Sources/Bibliography" page. Each date there is a story and at the end of the story there is a quote from the Bible. Very meaningful.

This book is just right for those people who do not have time to read. It's a good motivational book to start or end the day with. Just need a minute or two to finish a story. After all, it's just a page and some are shorter than a page.

When Mamarazzi received this book, she immediately flip to the date February 23. It's a story titled "A Short Visit Here". It's words of wisdom from Thomas A Kempis who provided the yardstick of genuine success. According to him "He is truly great, who is great in the love of God. He is truly great, who is humble in mind, and regards Earth's honors as nothing".

Meaning, many chase the honor and glory on earth but these "medals" are earth bound and will pass in a blink of the eye. Only the love of God is everlasting.

The end of the story there was this line from the Bible Psalm 90:12 "Teach us to realise the brevity of life, so that we may grow in wisdom.

Mamarazzi gives this book 4 stars out of 5.


Kelvin September 20, 2010 at 6:56 PM  

There is a lot of pop up ads whenever i click on ur posts or home :(

cheeyee September 20, 2010 at 7:04 PM  

The book sounds very interesting. Like the fact that it is just right for those people who do not have time to read (as I'm one of them. LOL!) I did not request this book but another one. Will share about it after I finish reading. :)

smallkucing September 20, 2010 at 7:14 PM  


Alamak! Don't know what happen. Did not install any pop up ads. Can't block them?

smallkucing September 20, 2010 at 7:14 PM  

Chee Yee

Yup...just very short page.But makes you think a lot

Anonymous September 20, 2010 at 8:06 PM  

Given one year to read the whole book, is it? For slow readers...LOL!!!

prince n princess mum September 20, 2010 at 10:15 PM  

Nice book of encouragement!

[SK] September 20, 2010 at 11:03 PM  

hmmm, that's a very interesting book.. everyday has a story, and end up with a quote from the Bible?? ooh, nice book leh~~ :)

Jenny September 21, 2010 at 1:07 AM  

I see a book eh!! I hafn't read a book for quite some time now. I'm not a lover reader. thats why - but I love reading gossip magazines!! hahaah

Have a lovely monday :)
jen @

smallkucing September 21, 2010 at 1:17 AM  


Just nice for you la. :D

smallkucing September 21, 2010 at 1:17 AM  

Prince and Princess Mum

Yup very nice. Words of wisdom

smallkucing September 21, 2010 at 1:18 AM  


Ya each day ends with a qoute from the bible

smallkucing September 21, 2010 at 1:19 AM  


LOL....magazine...everyone likes it. It's consider reading also la. Sonme times can win cool products too

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